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Roku.com/link account

How do I add another account to my Roku?


During the process of activation of Roku streaming player, you would have to link it to the Roku account you already have or you have to create a new account. If you activate multiple Roku devices each of the device can have a Roku.com/link account or you can link it all in a single account.


· Each of the Roku devices should be linked with only one account at a time

· There is no payment needed to create a Roku account


The Roku account keeps information about the Streaming devices of Roku that are connected with it. It also contains the channels that are bought, its preferences and settings account.


Link the devices to one Roku account


When you connect several Roku devices to one Roku account the channels that you have bought will be same on everything.

· The channels have to be activated each time on each of the Roku devices

· The Roku will update so be aware of the updates

· Choose settings, system, system update and at last check now


Link the devices to different accounts


When you are creating more than one account in Roku an excellent email address has to be used to associate each of the different accounts.  You also have to choose a very strong password as it will be used for all the accounts. You can with these things in mind link each of the devices to each Roku account.

To know more about linking Roku accounts visit Roku.com/link create account. You can also talk with our support team for more information.